Read attached info about UCLA team rules under John Wooden.


Coach Wooden on “Team Rules”:

“The year after Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) graduated from UCLA, my best returning post player came to the team photo shoot with very large mutton chop sideburns.  We had a team rule of no long hair and no facial hair.  I said, “There is a set of clippers in the dressing room.  I want those sideburns trimmed off in the 15 minutes before the photo shoot.”  He said, “Coach, you don’t have the big man any longer, you need me.”  I looked down at my watch and replied, “You are right.  The big man is gone and you will be too if those sideburns are not shaved off in 14 minutes.”  I never begrudged a player for testing the team rules.  But, I never changed the team rules.”

  I hope everyone playing Trinity baseball in 2015 gets the drift!

Coach Arnold

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