The schedule for the rest of the weekend is posted in the calendar section of the web site. Be sure to "open" the event so you know the completion time of the session. Saturday will be a long day for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. Freshman will have a longer session Sunday evening in addition to tomorrow's session. There will be an hour break for travel and food for the So's, Jr's and Sr's on Saturday.

Remember that these times are subject to change at the last minute while the weather is nasty. Make sure to check the web site tomorrow before leaving to be sure we are still holding the session. Any cancellation for weather reasons will be posted on line.

We are evaluating everyone over the next few days and will select the final rosters Sunday or early next week. With the weather forecast over the next 10 days it is obvious we will not be fortunate enough to hold outdoor try-out sessions. We are in the same position as other schools in the area and we will make the most of it. We are fortunate to have LBC as the "indoor home" of Trinity a Baseball and regular access to the facility.

Thanks for your patience as we plow ahead.

Thanks, Coach Arnold

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