Try out update

Let me try again... The weather is nasty and we will remain in standby mode for try-outs. As soon as we are allowed by Trinity to get in our indoor facilities we will begin the process.

Everyone needs to be prepared and flexible over the next several days while we schedule our events. We may exclusively hold 2015 tryouts indoors with the amount of snow on the ground and the extended cold weather expected.

At a minimum, Everyone will hit off live pitching and every pitcher will throw to live hitters. Additionally, all infields/outfields/catchers will be evaluated on defensive skills and hands/footwork. Defensive positions will be evaluated in groups. Conditioning will be tested in Shamrock Gym or outside if enough snow melts.

We will bring in specific groups for evaluations so please be patient and understand it may be time consuming and involve some standing and waiting. Look for these groups on the calendar section when scheduled and make sure to look close so no one misses anything.

Stay tuned to these e-mails and Trinity for updates. Dr. Mullen is the only authority who can allow us to have practice on weather cancelled school days. If an exception is made we will schedule something ASAP. These exceptions are not made until the day of the cancellation. If notified of this exception I will send out a schedule via e-mail. This would usually involve upperclassmen if even possible.

For now it looks like we will tryout on Thursday 3:30-5:30 at LBC, Friday 2:30-5:30 at LBC, Saturday on campus sometime (or a long time) in the afternoon and evening and Sunday 7:00pm-10:00pm at LBC. Other sites and times will be added as available.

Stay tuned and stay flexible. Tentatively plan on the listed times for try/out sessions but be sure to continue to check the calendar. All officially scheduled try-out sessions will be added to the calendar. Nothing is currently listed as we wait until school gets back in session or we get permission to proceed.

Thanks, Coach Arnold

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