I know it's wishful thinking but I am waiting on the latest weather forecast late tonight or early tomorrow to finalize exact times and locations for try-outs Monday. We will separate the kids in groups for Monday's session. The exact schedule will be out by early afternoon tomorrow.

Thanks for everyone's patience as we try to manage Mother Nature. This could be the case as long as this arctic blast is around. We will go outside this week if at all possible so make sure to dress appropriately. Different types of evaluations will be done so always be prepared for anything at all sessions. Bring water also.

If anyone has any paperwork outstanding you must bring it to me before you will be allowed to participate. As stated clearly at the meeting a month ago (and covered frequently at voluntary work outs sine then) not having paperwork completed is not an acceptable excuse for missing try-outs.

FYI- As soon as tryouts conclude and the teams are picked we will have a mandatory parents meeting.

Thanks, Coach Arnold

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