Open gym/workouts

To all,

Let me please remind everyone that Trinity Baseball "open workouts" or "open gym time" are completely voluntary sessions and open to all Trinity students. All students are allowed to come as frequently as they want. We encourage participation as available so everyone can have an opportunity to improve their individual skills. Everyone at these sessions is given an equal opportunity to train and improve if desired.

This info has been communicated verbally many times over the students. This message will post on for future reference. Pass this along to anyone you know of that may not have this information. Multiple announcements have been made throughout the school year about these opportunities.

Our coaching staff is working extremely hard to prepare everyone in attendance for mandatory tryouts that begin in mid February. Our coaches coordinate times to be present and assist during these sessions. We do not "take roll" and do not have a "sign in sheet" during these sessions.

Some of these sessions are longer than others pending the numbers in attendance. It is not a problem if anyone needs to leave early or come late. Coaches rotate or stay the entire time to ensure everyone has the same opportunities.

I have encouraged everyone to participate in intramural basketball, other sports or clubs and to not let "open" hitting, throwing, or fielding interfere with school work, other commitments, service projects or work in any way.

Going forward there may be frequent schedule changes. Some of these changes are out of my control and some will be weather or facility related. Please be patient as these changes occur.

Thanks, Coach Arnold

Rick ArnoldComment