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Below is important information for all prospective Trinity baseball players and their families. This info is sent out in preparation for tryouts in February and also includes our team, and player development philosophy.

Player Meetings

At the conclusion of our fall season I told the sophomores, juniors and seniors I would have a brief, individual meeting with everyone. The purpose of these meetings was to outline each individual's winter workout needs as determined from fall evaluations in order to maximize each student-athletes opportunity to make the varsity team in the spring. I still need to meet with a few sophomores (and will do so after school starts back). If I have not had an individual meeting with any upperclassmen at this point it is because I have not seen you at voluntary workouts. If you desire to set up a time to meet you can e-mail me and request another time.


Fall sport participants are beginning to join our workouts. All newcomers are welcome. The voluntary practice time is open to all prospective baseball players. Tryouts will be very competitive and difficult. Everyone needs to continue to improve their baseball skills and be in really good physical shape.

Our strength training and conditioning sessions were suspended during finals week and the holidays. We will start back in the Marshall Center after Christmas break.

Players are reminded to continue to strength train and condition on their own. We will seriously evaluate conditioning during tryouts and it will be a part of the process when selecting our 2015 teams.

A revised schedule with open cage times and pitching sessions during January and early February will be e-mailed out and added to the calendar very soon.

2015 Team Selection Info

The 2015 Trinity varsity baseball team will likely consist of 18-21 players. The JV team will likely include 14-18 players and the Freshman team will be determined during tryouts. Tryouts are able to officially begin on Feb. 15.

We will always strive to field the most competitive freshman and JV teams but the varsity team will remain the priority at all times. We will also place a heavy emphasis on "player development". This means we could use players on 2 teams when available to help them develop and prepare for better competition while also maintaining our emphasis on being as competitive (winning) as possible.

We will never hesitate to move younger players up to the varsity squad on a full time basis if they can help our team. We will also move some players between the JV and varsity team, and some freshman players between the freshman and JV teams based on coaching staff opinions. We will often times have players participating on two teams at a time as the game schedule allows. This means players may move between teams to fill needs or as needed to maximize player and team development. The ultimate goal with this philosophy is to prepare for ultimate success at the varsity level right now and in the future.

Thanks, Coach Arnold

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